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liz clarkson photography


food & beverage ~ object & product ~ people & portrait ~ places & spaces

Hello! I am a professional freelance photographer based in Auckland. I have 10 years experience freelancing but photography defined me since I picked up a camera in high school 25 years ago. Learning in the days of film and growing up in the darkroom, photography became an anchor and very much a part of who I am and how I relate to my surroundings. My formative years were spent absorbing the great artists of the 20th Century and equally inspired by directors and cinematography. I continued onto tertiary level with a Bachelor of Graphic Design majoring in photography and moving image.

My education in art studies from a teenager informs my editorial, more artistic style which keeps a vibrant, fresh and natural aesthetic with respect to what I am shooting.

I enjoy working in a team but can also art direct, style and find locations. I have worked with a number of small local businesses from start-up on direction, approach and concepts to develop a unique aesthetic to be used across all marketing platforms. I also love to shoot and create short engaging, playful looping video's which bring a subject matter to life. I am an excellent listener and communicator which is essential not only to understand a clients brief but also to capture all subjects whether it is a portrait or still life.

Photography is not only about creating imagery but also about my relationship with what I am photographing. My work is a celebration of both photography and subject.