Hello, I am Liz ClarksonHello! I am a professional freelance photographer based in Auckland.

Photography defined me since I picked up a camera in high school 23 years ago. Learning in the days of film and growing up in the darkroom, photography became an anchor and very much a part of who I am and how I relate to my surroundings. I enjoy working in a team but can also art direct, style and find locations. I am a good listener and communicator which in my opinion is essential not only to understand a clients brief but also to capture all subjects whether it is a portrait or still life. Photography is taking photographs but also about your relationship with what you are photographing. My work is a celebration of both photography and the subject, and I enjoy shooting all subjects equally. The subject matter I choose to photograph is an expression of what I love about life – food, cocktails/drinks, design in all forms, nature and people. This brings a vibrant and natural aesthetic with respect to what I am shooting. 

I have a broad range of clients from around the Auckland publishing, creative and business community with a focus on food and beverage, objects, portraiture and spaces. I have experience in creating and art directing social media content. I enjoy being involved in the initial conversations about concepts, this can be seen particularly in my work with Botaniq haircare and East Imperial beverages. I have been recently been shooting small looping video clips and tutorials for Instagram. This is a new exploration and I am excited to make it a permanent part of my skill set and services. These can be viewed on Vimeo and Instagram